Plum District Deal:$25 for $50 Toward Adorable Children’s Clothing and Accessories PLUS Free Shipping from Cuddle Boutique

Today’s Deal at Plum District, spend $25 to buy a $50 worth of voucher towards any purchase at Cuddle Boutique.


Plus Cuddle Boutique is offering FREE SHIPPING


Cuddle Boutique is an online store with very adorable clothing and accessories just for your cute boys and girls. They have shoes, gifts and toys.


I am pretty sure that you can find cute little things in this website. Remember that you are only paying $25 on a voucher for Cuddle Boutique worth $50. If you are new to Plum District, you can sign up here and get a $5 Plum dollar to purchase any of the deal you want from Plum District.

I found this cute boots for only $20



And since is fast approaching, you may want to snag a pair or two of swimsuits and accessories


Just go here to browse Cuddle Boutique website.

 Remember the other Plum District that I posted yesterday? If not, go here and check this out!

If you sign up for 30-day trial of netflix from plum district, you will be able to get $15 Plum Dollars and if you are new to Plum District you will get an additional $5 Plum Dollars. That’s a total of $20 Plum Dollars to spend on Plum District.

If you are considering on buying the $50 Cuddle Boutique for only $25, then you will only pay $5 out of pocket to get $50 worth of products from Cuddle Boutique. If you are not new to Plum District, you can still get this deal for only $10 if you sign up for the free trial membership for Netflix!


Update: I just learned that the $15 Plum Dollars will show in your account 2-4 weeks after signing up for free membership for netflix, so we can not use it now to buy the above deal for Cuddly Botique! BUT we can still get a better deal when our $15 plum dollars will show up on our account.

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