2 *FREE* Decluttering and Organization eBooks from Amazon

Please head back to Amazon to get your free ebooks for decluttering and organization.

Always make sure to check the price if these are still free before purchasing.

Decluttering Your Home: The Fast Way to Get Rid of Clutter and Organize Your Life (Declutter and simplify) 

Here are some of what this book all about:

Does your home look like it should be on the next episode of Hoarders? Even if things haven’t gone this far, this book will help you have a neat clean home that you will be proud to entertain guests in.

Here’s what this book covers:
What causes clutter?
Worry about not having enough
Sentimental attachment to your things
Worry about wasting money that you paid for something
Wanting to have lots of the best things
Being raised by people with clutter

Remember that you are not your stuff
Less stuff can mean less stress
Place limits on how much stuff you have in your home

Where to start
How to get the motivation to declutter
How to let go of clutter and how to deal with the anxiety and guilt of getting rid of clutter
How to convince someone who is a hoarder to declutter
Knowing when to get professional help to get organized and declutter
How long will it take to declutter
Decide what to keep, recycle, trash
What to do with gifts
What to do with documents, receipts, tax papers
Baby items
Photos and memorabilia
Household hazardous waste and ewaste (electronic waste)
Holding a yard sale
Do you need a dumpster
What supplies you will need to declutter

And I have another one I found,

Home Decluttering and Organization – Volume 2: Bathrooms 

Best Seller for Home & Garden

Best Seller for Home Design

Best Seller for Remodeling & Renovation

Having cluttered bathrooms can be embarrassing when you have people over to your home and disruptive when nature calls. Nobody likes that!

This book gives you simple and straightforward tips to allow you to quickly declutter and organize your bathrooms and help you keep them that way.

For more decluttering and organizing tips, be sure to check out the rest of the volume!

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