2 More *FREE* Paleo eBooks from Amazon

As you remember, I posted 4 free Paleo eBooks yesterday. And today I found another 2 from Amazon.

But take note the prices will change anytime so check the price first if  these are still free!

21 Powerful Paleo Dinner Recipes (Part II) (Delicious Foods Designed for Humans Series) 

In the Paleo Dinner collection, there are 21 recipes including:
• 5 recipes for chicken;
• 5 recipes for beef;
• 4 recipes for pork;
• 2 recipes for turkey; and
• One recipe each for veal, fish, lamb, duck and vegetables.

21 Powerful Paleo Breakfast Recipes (Delicious Foods Designed for Humans Series)

In the Paleo Breakfast collection, there are 21 recipes perfect for making in the morning.
This collection includes 10 recipes specifically for having eggs for breakfast. These 10 recipes provide a variety of ways to cook eggs to them interesting and delicious. Also included are recipes for crepes, pancakes, waffles, muffins and oatmeal — all prepared paleo style. For those who like fruit in the morning there is a recipe for fruit salad and another for a fruit smoothie. Together, these recipes can inspire anyone to follow a Paleo diet lifestyle.
These recipes contain basic ingredients that can be found in any grocery store – eggs, meat, vegetables and fruit. Following a Paleo diet does not have to be difficult and it does not mean you are “on a diet”. These Paleo recipes are a collection of ways to eat well and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Both of these copies are originally $2.99!

Don’t wait any longer, download yours today!

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