Yay! 2 Free Secret Reward Cards From Victoria’s Secret Until Tomorrow: I got three-quarter tee for $1.79!

Yippee! I’m so happy! Until tomorrow you can get 2 free secret reward cards when you make a purchase of $10 and when you use code SECRET12. Secret reward cards are worth $10,$50,$100 and $500!

I still my $10 gift that I received through email and I’m so happy I waited! Sweet!

I was able to order this one

Three-quarter sleeve tee $10.99

And when I added the coupon code SECRET12 one secret rewards card was put in my cart.

My total came out $8.21 after tax and shipping cost. I don’t feel like paying $5.99 for shipping so I called the customer service if they can waive the shipping cost for me. At first, they said they can’t but they took my name and pulled out my account. When I’m about to say good-bye, after I said “ok,thank you then” the customer service rep said that she can transfer to someone and ask if they can waive it. And as we talked she said i need a promo code or meet a specific total to qualify for free shipping. Ok. But I can do it for you,she said and i was so happy. I got a tee for $1.79!

If you received the recent catalogue from them, there is also $10/$10 coupon there.

And you can use this code for free hip hugger panty with a purchase e of regular priced item;


Thanks! Hip2save!


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