iPad 2 Leather Case With Stand Only $6.51 Shipped!

This seems to me a very reasonable price of iPad 2 letter case. Today at Amazon, you can get leather case with stand for Apple iPad 2 for only $6.51 shipped!

It also has a great review from 134 reviews. It has an overall rating of 4.2 stars out of 5.

Technical Details

  • Synthetic Leather with Stitches to protect your valuable IPAD 2
  • Synthetic Leather material is tear, rip, and damage resistant for a long resilisant lifetime
  • Access all of the iPad 2’s features while the case is still on.
  • Stand can be adjustable to 2 different angles for desired viewing pleasure
And read one of the review that a customer posted.
Been using this for a week. I compare it to the $60 version you can buy at the Apple store but it’s under $7. It even magnetically shuts just like the Apple one. Totally worth the money. Buy it.



2 *FREE* Decluttering and Organization eBooks from Amazon

Please head back to Amazon to get your free ebooks for decluttering and organization.

Always make sure to check the price if these are still free before purchasing.

Decluttering Your Home: The Fast Way to Get Rid of Clutter and Organize Your Life (Declutter and simplify) 

Here are some of what this book all about:

Does your home look like it should be on the next episode of Hoarders? Even if things haven’t gone this far, this book will help you have a neat clean home that you will be proud to entertain guests in.

Here’s what this book covers:
What causes clutter?
Worry about not having enough
Sentimental attachment to your things
Worry about wasting money that you paid for something
Wanting to have lots of the best things
Being raised by people with clutter

Remember that you are not your stuff
Less stuff can mean less stress
Place limits on how much stuff you have in your home

Where to start
How to get the motivation to declutter
How to let go of clutter and how to deal with the anxiety and guilt of getting rid of clutter
How to convince someone who is a hoarder to declutter
Knowing when to get professional help to get organized and declutter
How long will it take to declutter
Decide what to keep, recycle, trash
What to do with gifts
What to do with documents, receipts, tax papers
Baby items
Photos and memorabilia
Household hazardous waste and ewaste (electronic waste)
Holding a yard sale
Do you need a dumpster
What supplies you will need to declutter

And I have another one I found,

Home Decluttering and Organization – Volume 2: Bathrooms 

Best Seller for Home & Garden

Best Seller for Home Design

Best Seller for Remodeling & Renovation

Having cluttered bathrooms can be embarrassing when you have people over to your home and disruptive when nature calls. Nobody likes that!

This book gives you simple and straightforward tips to allow you to quickly declutter and organize your bathrooms and help you keep them that way.

For more decluttering and organizing tips, be sure to check out the rest of the volume!

*FREE* eBook From Amazon: 27 Quick & Easy Paleolithic Breakfast Recipes

As of today, this ebook 27 Quick & Easy Paleolithic Breakfast Recipes is free from amazon.

It has a 4.7 star ratings out of 5 from three customers.

Remember that you don’t have to own a kindle to download. You can download ebooks in your computer,iPad,iPod  and other devices.

Book Description

Publication Date: March 3, 2012
***Hurry and get your copy NOW during this limited time promo pricing event!***

The “Paleo” (short for “Paleolithic”) diet is taking the country by storm, and more people than ever are interested in getting back to their ancestor’s roots by switching to this “new” way of eating! The Paleolithic diet is based around what our ancestors would have eaten, and focuses on things like meats, veggies, fruits and nuts and leaves out the dairy, processed sugars and other similar ingredients that wouldn’t have existed (at least not in any significant quantity) in the Paleolithic era.

27 Quick & Easy Paleolithic Breakfast Recipes is the first in a series of cookbooks that center around paleolithic eating, and its goal is to provide you with simple, clear and direct ways of cooking healthy food that will keep you filled up while still sticking to the “Paleo way.”

Pretty and Cheap stud earrings

If you are looking for inexpensive but pretty gift for you love ones, maybe you’ll consider buying them an earring. This one is so simple, attractive and affordable. It’s a rhinestone studs in crystal with silver finish. It will qualify for free super saver shipping when you spend $25 or more on qualifying products. This earring are $4.99.


This is the one I orderd last time. It’s a sterling silver .925 cubic zirconia stud earrings set in basket settings. 1.00 carat total weight, half a carat on each earring. the price is unbelievable but it’s true. This one is only $0.01! Yes, it’s a penny but you have to pay $6.95 for the shipping which for me is very reasonable price to have this pair of earrings. This is really attractive and i love mine!